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In-app Feedback

In-app feedback: Customers and Information!

In-app feedback: Customers and Information!

In-app Feedback

“Customers are always right!” is the most famous phrase said in selling and buying. and it is indication of how customers are right, that business owners should take them as a clear source of information which evaluate and review their work. Subsequently, we should talk about the customer feedback regarding your mobile app, which may be your product, or the channel you buy your products through. Thus we are talking about in-app feedback.

Types of User feedback:

In-app feedback is to add a page, or tools to your mobile app, so the customer can give their feedback for some thing they purchased from you, they can send:

  •       Reviews
  •       Inquiries
  •       Requests
  •       Complaints
  •       Expectations about your products
  •       Ideas


For sure, if you receive these various forms of feedback, you are collecting a very precious information which makes you capable of upgrading your products and mobile app as well.


Feedback channels in mobile apps:

You have many tools that let you to gather all the information you can, it let you to communicate with your customers by different means, like:

  •       Voice notes
  •       Conversation IM channels
  •       Sending screenshot to you
  •       Screen Recordings
  •       Surveys and forms

In-app feedback is information treasure!

Once you apply one or more of these in-app feedback tools in your mobile app, you are enhancing your business by:


  •       Raising your work efficiency
  •       Increasing Customer engagement and retention
  •       Reducing cost of development, as you will know the specific problems that should be maintained
  •       Higher brand awareness
  •       Upgrading your mobile app performance
  •       Measuring to what extent you had reached your targeted customers
  •       Evaluating your strategy
  •       New market research tool
  •       Assessing your design and developing it.


So, you may notice that mobile app user feedback is very important factor in your business, it shows you how customers are partners that you should depend on, to reach the optimal performance and efficiency.

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